Red Statement

Sabtu, 09 November 2013

children without toys sexist

Many parents give away for holiday the whim that the child asks . If we do not get carried away by impulsivity , perhaps we can begin to build a more egalitarian home , especially if you have girls.

Although society progresses and the children of today are very savvy , it is true that many times their toys are not much. Impossible curves dolls , games and military construction for children, and babies kitchenettes and Girls . Choose toys that children used interchangeably help promote values ​​of equality.

Children toys and girls toys

Toys should not be fair or children or girls. Nor is it to the contrary to get used to not discriminate. What has to be encouraged at home is playing together , sharing games and avoid " labeling" children and small .

During childhood is the time of life that values ​​are rooted . Often rooted in childhood and ways to play games that relate to children being " male " and girls with being "feminine " . This may involve complex by both parties , and strong pressure for children. Give non-sexist toys does not mean just changing the objects we give away , but to change the attitude and the way they play with them to educate family with children equality

Toys ideal for children

A great toy is one that entertains and educates the child. On this basis, children should be free to use toys indiscriminately. In fact, this is the game for which you bet on many playgroups , nurseries and schools .